Data and analytics have revolutionized industries by personalizing the customer experience. We bring the data revolution to energy.

  • Extend your knowledge of the person and premise

    With no more than a name and address, predict energy consumption with exceptional accuracy.

  • Create individualized energy experiences

    Deliver customized content and insights that personalize communications and induce action.

  • Buy once, buy best

    Scale your program to the number of houses you support and the depth and breadth of the services you can offer.

130 Million Homes

Tendril offers the only consumer engagement software to support advanced energy services for every home in North America. With our expansion into Western Europe and Australia, that number will soon climb to half a billion.

Tendril True Home

Our True Home simulation model processes more than 300 data points to create individualized data sets and deliver highly accurate predictions of households' energy consumption.

  • Physical

  • Behavioral

  • Data

  • Learning

  • Energy

  • Energy

  • Energy

  • Personalized

  • Utility & Meter Data

  • Historic Bills

  • Weather Data

  • Profile Data

  • Performance Data

  • Premise Data

  • Home Owner Data

  • Propensity Scores



  • Rest APIs

    Tap into our data in a manner that addresses your business objectives

  • Cloud-To-Cloud

    Orchestrate the growing number of energy-consuming devices in the home

  • SOA

    Scale up to millions of homes in the blink of an eye

  • Flexible

    Customize a program that fits your needs, as well as those of your customers

  • Multi-Channel

    Seamlessly reach customers over the channels they prefer

  • Secure

    Ensure data privacy and security that meets today’s stringent standards

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